The Router that Only Uses Anonymous VPN

  • Connect to the Easy VPN Router with WiFi or Ethernet and be 100% anonymous, 24/7
  • Stop running unreliable VPN software on every computer and device – simply connect and be protected
  • Every computer is secure, no matter what operating system
  • Simple to set up & configure using our Easy VPN App
  • Rock solid stability – highest-quality equipment – VPN always connected – no possibility of your real identity and IP address leaking
  • Stop being tracked – government, ISP, and corporations cannot see your history or file downloads

Easy VPN Router – To enable private browsing, simply connect to WiFi

Connect Router

Step 1 – Connect Router to Internet

Connect your Easy VPN Router to an existing router or directly to your modem.


Step 2 – Install App

Download the Easy VPN Router app for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. Use the app to set a WiFi name, password, and VPN credentials. Once configured, close the app. No software is needed to use VPN.

View the Easy VPN App


Step 3 – Browse Anonymously

Any device connected to your Easy VPN Router will automatically be browsing anonymously – 100% of the time.

Easy VPN Router – The Reliable Choice for Secure, Anonymous Browsing

  • The NY Times said the TP-Link Archer C7 is “better than many routers that are twice as expensive. The Archer C7 has an unbeatable price-performance ratio.”
  • We use well-known hardware so you can trust the quality and reliability of our equipment. TP-Link routers are proven winners in the marketplace.
  • We didn’t create our own hardware with unknown reliability and performance. We use established, industry standard hardware. Our VPN Routers are battle-tested, rock-solid routers that excel in difficult conditions and offer an excellent price to performance ratio.
  • The Easy VPN Router ensures you will always be protected – anonymous browsing from all devices, all the time.

Use with any device that connects to WiFi or Ethernet – no matter how old, how small, or what operating system

  • No need to install VPN software on your computer or device
  • Don’t worry about remembering to enable VPN, or worry that the VPN will disconnect
  • Keep your existing router and run both networks simultaneously. Connect to your Easy VPN Router when you need safety
  • Create a secure guest WiFi network and stop worrying about what websites your guests read or what files they download
  • Read more about why you need an Easy VPN Router

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try out an Easy VPN Router for 30 days. If you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase, send it back for a refund. No questions asked. Following 30 days, we solve any issues with our free customer support.

What Our Customers Say

I am not an IT guy or have any computer science classes in college, but do understand the importance in maintaining anonymity while online. I have multiple laptops, TV streaming devices (no cable bill) and tablets that I wanted to be connected to VPN automatically every time I was online.  I tried buying a recommended DD-WRT router (Nighthawk AC1900) and following an online tutorial to flash it, but it didn’t work for me and I returned it. I researched companies that sold pre-flashed routers (i.e. Flash routers, etc) but they charged $250 – $500 with the one I wanted costing $349 on sale. Then I found EasyVPN. James was great. He is very knowledge and is very focused on customer service. I had an issue setting up the EasyVPN on windows but James helped me get it working… at 1/3 price of his competition!!! Finally, a new company that offers a reasonable priced flashed router and great support. I expect EasyVPN to be the biggest company in flashed routers soon. Thank you James!!


Dave B., Happy EasyVPN customer