Why an Easy VPN Router?

Stop Being Tracked

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is legally allowed to track everything you do online, all of your search history, everything you download, and sell it to any company that they want. Congress recently voted to remove internet privacy regulations.

The Easy VPN Router protects all of your devices with 24/7 anonymous VPN. Your ISP will not be able to see your internet or file downloading history.

Ease of Use

Ensuring that all of your devices have VPN software installed, updated, and enabled 100% of the time is tricky, and often VPN connections will fail and fall-over to the real internet connection, revealing your true IP address. This can happen when your computer is left idle, such as when downloading large files, torrents, and movies.

An Easy VPN Router will never allow outgoing internet traffic through your true internet connection. Software is built directly into our routers to ensure every bit of data is tunneled through your VPN, and if the VPN connection fails, the data is dropped entirely.

Simply connect your computer or device to the Easy VPN Router’s WiFi or Ethernet. Once connected, all of your internet traffic is secure.

Read our FAQ for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Easy VPN App & Software Updates

Every router we sell is easily configured using our free app for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. If you want to change your VPN country, credentials, WiFi name, password, and more, simply connect to the router’s WiFi or ethernet and open the Easy VPN app. There is no need to have software on every device. Our app is only for configuring the router, not for running the VPN itself.

Through the app, you can download updates to your Easy VPN Router’s software. If a security flaw is discovered, you can quickly download an update and protect yourself. When we add new features, you can get them immediately. There is no need to ship the router back to us or purchase a newer model.

Guaranteed Quality

If you aren’t satisfied with your Easy VPN Router, return it in 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Our router software is a customized version of OpenWRT, a highly advanced operating system for embedded devices such as routers. OpenWRT is used throughout industry and is known for being secure, reliable, and extensible. Easy VPN Routers are not like what you buy at a store – each router is individually configured and optimized for anonymous VPN access.

Reduce Risk

Configuring a standard router into a VPN router is difficult and time consuming. A small mistake can cause your real IP address to be leaked to the internet, defeating the purpose of your anonymous VPN.

Every Easy VPN Router is expertly configured and thoroughly tested before being shipped to a customer. From the moment your Easy VPN Router is turned on, no client connected to its WiFi or Ethernet ports will ever have its true IP address revealed.

Legal Protection

If a guest connects to your WiFi and conducts illegal activity, you will have to answer to law enforcement or corporate lawyers for their actions. Even if you ultimately prove you were not responsible, this can be a time consuming and costly process.

If you have an Easy VPN Router, simply provide guests access to that WiFi, and all of their data will be seamlessly tunneled over anonymous VPN, greatly reducing the chance of future legal head-aches.