Easy VPN App

We created a free app for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux to let you easily configure your router and VPN settings. This makes it easy to change your VPN country, VPN credentials, and WiFi settings without needing to login to your OpenWRT web panel or SSH into the router itself.

You do not need this app on every device that connects to the router. You only need it to configure router settings, change the VPN country, and other actions. Once you have configured the router, if you do not plan on changing the router’s settings, feel free to delete the app and reinstall it when you need to.

For mobile, simply download the Easy VPN Router app from the iOS App Store and Google Play store.

For Windows, macOS, and Linux, use the download links below to get a ZIP file. Unzip the app, and double-click the EXE on Windows, .app file on macOS, and ELF binary on Linux to launch the program.

Current Version: 1.0.1, released on 10/22/2016


  • Fixed bug with N300 displaying unavailable features.

Windows Download

Get 32bit (MD5 checksum: e5bbf11876705c0f09de1f22c45f5ea1)

Get 64bit (MD5 checksum: 07f055ceab83de0e791c8d6eece47570)


macOS Download

Get 32bit & 64bit (MD5 checksum: 343e83589e1e2bdaf148a6ed3807e432)


Linux Download

Get 32bit (Md5 checksum: c91adec622432beced40335656ba490e)

Get 64bit (Md5 checksum: 5f2ca7e29f30ae8552f7c2bed056c537)

Get armv7 (Md5 checksum: 5c1d7afea3f6c29fe38d2916a04cb957)

Uninstalling the App

The Easy VPN App is simply a program contained in a ZIP file. To uninstall program, simply delete the folder extracted from the ZIP file.