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Anonymous VPN Service

Easy VPN Routers use Private Internet Access (PIA) as our anonymous VPN provider.

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What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a protocol for encrypting all data between your devices and a trusted server. With an Anonymous VPN like Private Internet Access, when you go to a website, download a file, or communicate in any way over the internet, they think you are someone else.

Because Private Internet Access is an anonymous VPN, they do not keep any logs or records of access, so there is no trace that you personally accessed a given website or data. You can also select the country you access the internet from, so data that is restricted by region is also accessible.

This makes it much safer to browse the internet or download files, because everything is encrypted and anonymized. Your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) will be unaware of your activity.

Why Private Internet Access (PIA)?

Private Internet Access is the leader in anonymous VPN service. PIA does not track your browsing history, keep any logs, and encrypts all data passing over the internet from your devices.

Easy VPN Router does not operate the VPN service itself. Our business is building extremely secure and stable VPN routers and mobile apps. PIA is the trusted leader in anonymous VPN service, which is why we have chosen their service to integrate with.

Please browse the Private Internet Access website, read their documentation, and contact PIA directly for any questions about their service.

Easy VPN Router does not currently support any other VPN provider, although we will in the future, and all Easy VPN Routers will receive a free update (installed through the mobile app) when we add support.

VPN Reviews

Private Internet Access is well reviewed by many popular websites, including Cloudwards. Check out their Best VPN Review.