Monthly Archives - September 2016

DNS Leaks Explained

When using an anonymous VPN to hide your online identity (IP address), a mistake in how you configure your computer to use the Domain Name System (DNS) can cause your true IP address to be revealed. This post explains what DNS leaks are and how to avoid them to maintain safety online. What is a DNS Leak? Browsing the internet is a series of requests to servers. When you access, the first thing your computer does is convert the name [...]


Tails and VPN Explained

Tails is a Linux-based operating system for enhanced privacy while accessing the internet or using a computer. By routing all internet traffic automatically through Tor, it makes it simple for even technical beginners to use the internet safely and securely. This has enormous benefits for people such as human rights activists, who need a safe way to communicate digitally without their governments spying on them, which may save their lives. A VPN, or “virtual private network”, is a mechanism for enhancing data [...]